TwinBranch | Christmas Trees, Wreaths and Stands
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Christmas Trees, Wreaths and Stands


Twin Branch has been providing fresh, quality Fraser Fir Christmas trees to families for years.  We grow our own trees in North Carolina and are known for the fullest and freshest trees around.  Unlike many other vendors, our trees are cut the week of delivery and remain bundled to mainain that wonderful Christmas tree fragrance.  We open them for you and show you the trees until you truly find the perfect tree.  We have sizes from 5 feet to 20 feet.  Pre-orders are recommended on larger trees. TO PRE-ORDER TREES, STANDS, OR WREATHS CLICK HERE!


Most families that get their tree from us return to us year after year. Because of the unique environment at Twin Branch, it’s the perfect place to take scenic photos for your Family Christmas Card or the the Christmas Album.

Our tree stands are the ABSOLUTE BEST you will find and built to last a lifetime. They are actually called the “Last Stand” because you will never have to buy another one. They give you the stability and durability that you need, especially for those larger trees.


Come in and warm up by the fire, take some photos, and who knows — Maybe see a special person in a red suit!