TwinBranch | Delivery
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Affordable and Convenient Delivery

Twin Branch Nursery Delivery Services

Our Trucks

Twin Branch Nursery has a total of four delivery trucks for different purposes.

  • A small dump truck with enough maneuverability to get a load of bulk material to a convenient location on your property. (Driving on lawn may require a waiver)
  • A medium dump truck with side gates delivers a large amount of plant material, container or balled and burlapped.  It is equipped with a crane to lift off heavy B&B material and small boulders.  It also holds around 120 bales of pine straw.
  • An enclosed box truck is perfect for plants with sensitive foilage (like Japanese Maples).  It also offers a lifting gate to accommodate urns, pots and small boulders.
  • Our Crane truck is used for transporting large loads of plant material or pallets of stone and boulders.  Our crane has an extensive reach on a flat surface.  Reach of the crane is dependent on weight and the dynamics of the land.  Crane truck is a seperate delivery charge.  See below.

Delivery Definition

Delivery is the safe loading and transport of purchased materials from the nursery to the best case scenario of your property. This includes parking vehicle and unloading plants at truck location. We do not drive on lawns or areas that could 1) cause damage to property, 2) create unsafe conditions for worker, customer, truck or property, or 3) cause a condition of being unable to depart safely.

Delivery Fees

Standard Delivery starts at $50 for locations within 5 miles of the nursery. Locations past 5 miles will incur an additional $4/mile after the initial 5 miles.

For example: Delivery location at 8 miles will be charged as follows:

  • First 5 miles: $50
  • Additional 3 miles at $4/mile: $12
  • Total: $52

Crane Truck Delivery

Crane truck delivery base price starts at $100 for locations within 5 miles of the nursery. Locations past 5 miles will incur an additional $5/mile after the initial 5 miles.

Exceptions: If we have to move the truck for additional drops, each additional truck relocation will be incur additional charges. All items are unloaded at the truck, unless previous arrangements have been made. If labor is involved with moving plants to a specified area, placing boulders, etc., an additional labor charge will apply.

Rates are subject to change at any time.

Delivery Times

Most deliveries can be scheduled within 1 week. We offer an approximate time of day if available, but do not guarantee. We are in constant contact with the customer about the delivery time.