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Landscape Installation

Twin Branch’s landscape division offers complete design and services. We specialize in creating enticing landscapes full of color and variety that are tailored to our customer’s taste with our professional directives. Our main emphasis is high quality residential landscape services including landscape design, plant installation, grading, grassing and many phases of hardscapes. We also have a supporting cast of quality contractors adept in irrigation, tree removal and maintenance.


We are fully staffed with a hands on approach that brings out every detail in your landscape. Our landscape division offers superior installations in the following fields:

  • Flower Beds
  • Large Trees
  • Professional Pruning (In conjunction with installations)
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Patios
  • Arbors
  • Retaining Walls
  • Waterfalls and Ponds
  • Installation Procedures

Due to the heavy clay content of most of our soils, proper excavation, soil amendments and fertilization are very critical. We recommend a hole size of approximately two times the size of the plants root ball in conjunction with a 20-25% mixture of organic material such as soil conditioner.This conditioner should consist primarily of ground pine bark and should be mixed along with the existing soil (as long as the soil is a reasonably good quality clay, i.e., not muck). Plants should be installed at or slightly above soil level, never any deeper than soil level. If planting in low, wet areas, some means of increased drainage must be implemented. This can be done with a 12″ layer of gravel 2-3″down or by a pipe to actually drain the hole. Very few species will tolerate wet roots. Trees or larger shrubs may be installed with a mound created around the outer edges of the root ball. This will insure proper and easier watering for the first two years of establishment. The first two weeks are the most critical years for establishing healthy, trouble-free plants. Newly installed materials should be watered daily for two weeks immediately after planting and all trees should be securely staked.

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