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Twin Branch Nursery

North Atlanta’s Finest Nursery Since 1977

Fully inventoried with over 8 acres of outstanding nursery products the relaxing beauty of our nursery is indeed quite unique and comparable to many of Georgia’s finest natural locations. Success in any business, however, is about people. A company is only as great as the talented people and personalities who go above and beyond to see the company succeed, thrive, and make you the customer happy. Twin Branch Nursery and Landscape is no exception!!!

Meet our exceptional Twin Branch Family – these are the people that drive our business, make magic happen and to whom we owe untold thanks and gratitude for their hard work, dedication, and commitment.

Where Are We Now?

Chris Cash

Kevin Harike

The year 2022 was a significant one for Twin Branch.  Not only did we commemorate our 45th anniversary on October 1st but December saw a further defining milestone when our cherished founders and Co-owners Tommy Adkins and Jim Roberts officially announced their retirement. They did so secure in the knowledge that two talented young men they had elevated to  Junior Partner Level in 2015 were ready and energized to succeed them in the business and continue to grow their remarkable legacy.

And so it was on January 1st, 2023, that Chris Cash and Kevin Harike deservedly took over the helm as the new Co Owners of Twin Branch Nursery so beginning the dawn of a new chapter!

Chris and Kevin inherited their love of the outdoors and gardening from their respective mother’s and grandmother’s. Working summers at the nursery from 1998 Chris’ path took him to UGA where he studied Horticulture. Graduating in 2002 he joined Twin branch full time in 2003 focusing on design, sales, deliveries, and plant care before moving into a management role.

Kevin’s journey was literally to the skies of Auburn University where he studied to be a Pilot. Graduating in 2001 he was on track to fly, and did for a time, but his love of construction, the outdoors and plants dictated a different direction. Having also worked for Twin Branch  through the years he joined them full time in 2002.

To date between them these two colleagues and friends have well over 40 combined years of dedicated, exceptional, and loyal service.

Ever grateful for the opportunities they’ve had, Chris and Kevin  are superbly equipped to put their invaluable experience and expertise towards continuing to grow the business, developing its future potential, and building on and sustaining a remarkable and extraordinary legacy that has spanned four and a half decades.

Both are acutely aware of the goodwill and loyalty that has been created through exemplary relationships with existing customers, vendors, and employees through the years – without which there would be no business. As they put their own mark on the business they are dedicated to ensuring that this value is protected, staying true to what works and retaining the company’s core values and principles – all conducted with professionalism, courtesy, honesty, fairness, and integrity.


How Did We Get Here?

The legendary duo of Tommy Adkins and Jim Roberts met at Sandy Springs High School, and it was there, in their Freshmen year, that their remarkable journey of friendship began. After school the best buddies headed to the University of Georgia (UGA) where they majored in Forest Resource Management. It did not take long for their entrepreneurial itch to grow and for them to recognize that one day they’d partner together in business.

And open a business they did! It involved a pickup truck and rototiller purchased with money borrowed from Tommy’s Grandmother and began with its emphasis strictly on landscaping and tree work. As the venture gained momentum the pair realized that they needed land to hold their stock materials.

They found a perfect tract but how to purchase it? Neither of their families believed that they would succeed in the business & therefore refused to lend money. But fortunately for them and us, Tommy’s Uncle agreed to finance the purchase with interest. 

Thus, on October 1st, 1977, the Bulldozers rolled in to carefully clear 5.8 secluded acres on West Wylie Bridge Road in Woodstock. It wasn’t long before word got out about the property and more people started visiting. This then was the catalyst to opening the operation and Twin Branch Nursery & Landscape, with its proud emphasis on knowledge, service and quality and love of pets, was duly born.

But what may you ask was the secret to two friends’ ability to stay in business successfully for so long? Certainly, a big part of it was the immense contributions of their wonderful wives Kathy and Carla who were fully committed to the venture for the long haul and worked so hard and tirelessly to support their respective families. Tommy and Jim also acknowledge with immense gratitude and admiration the effort, hard work, commitment and dedication of so many colleagues through the years  who helped build and grow the nursery to what it is today.

Another factor in their success was perhaps the unique executive decision that the duo made all those years ago on the hood of a pickup truck at a landscaping job. They decided that they would simply divide responsibilities – for the first 6 months of the year Tommy would run the nursery, and Jim the landscaping and contracting. After 6 months they’d switch. Such an approach served them enormously well giving them job variety, the ability to maintain fresh ideas and allowing them to interact and establish relationships with a diversified range of customers.


And then there was the mantra they passed back and forth to each other and others “We work hard, we play hard and we don’t cheat at either one of them”.

Today, all these years later, thanks to the vision, dedication, and drive of these two friends Twin Branch Nursery is a hidden 8-acre treasure and haven where visitors, cats and ‘Dawgs’ can relax and lose themselves in a beautiful setting that also offers an extensive and diverse inventory of plants and landscaping materials for purchase.

After 45 extraordinary years of climbing the mountain, Tommy and Jim could both finally enjoy the view.

What a testament, what a legacy!

What Customers Are Saying

This is an excellent nursery with an amazing variety of plants, trees and shrubs.  The customer service is even better – Will was the perfect person to help us plan and select the best options for our specific needs.”

~ Randy ~

Stopped by with a very specific list of plants. The place is well organized, and the staff is nice. The selection was amazing though… So much so I may end up spending a lot more money.”

~ Charles ~

This huge nursery has anything you might want and more you cannot resist. It is the biggest, healthiest selection I have ever seen.”

~ Terra ~

“Twin Branch has an amazing staff and never disappoints! When I moved to Georgia I used other landscapers, but once I found you there was no other company I would use for my yard! Chris and Kevin, you have made out backyard a beautiful haven! Your staff are professional, knowledgeable and freindly and always willing to help the customers! So thankful for all of you! Here is to many more successful years to come!”
~ Joanne ~

Where do I even begin? This place is magical! It’s like being transported to a beautiful, life-sized fairy garden. I could spend all day here. Not only is it beautiful, they have gorgeous plants at reasonable prices and offer delivery. If you haven’t been here, you need to visit! You will not be disappointed.”

~ Angela ~

It’s a really nice place, tucked away in an out of the way area. Large selection of natives and exotics over 7 acres. It’s more enjoyable to just walk around it than the average plant nursery and has a larger selection of bigger trees and bushes too.”

~ Karen ~

Great place to buy your plants. There is such a huge variety and choice, and their prices are reasonable. I found a very healthy lorapetalum and a pretty Frostproof gardenia. They also give good advice on the care of what you purchase.”

~ Marsha ~

We were referred here by another nursery because they didn’t have the azaleas we were looking for, but Twin Branch did. Not only did they have them, they had a huge selection, beautiful condition, and a great price. We were impressed by the size of the place and the other great selections. We took our pup with us, who was welcomed into the office for checkout too, which we appreciated!”

~ Nadine ~

Congratulations on 45 years. Discovered you in 2014–my garden is truly a reflection of both your great nursery stock (18 Japanese maples and counting) and your landscaping work.”
~ Sheree ~