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Fraser Firs

Twin Branch prides itself on providing the fullest, freshest, and best quality Fraser Fir Trees home grown at our farm in North Carolina!


We have been providing Fraser Fir Christmas trees to families for years. Each tree is handpicked, and, unlike many other vendors, they are cut the week of delivery and remain bundled to maintain that wonderful Christmas tree fragrance.

 When you visit the nursery we’ll gladly show you any tree and open it up for you so you can find the perfect tree for your home.

 We generally try to offer tree sizes from 5 feet through to 13 feet. Pre-orders are recommended for larger trees.


To compliment the outstanding quality of our trees we also stock red tree stands that are built to last a lifetime.

They’re called the “Last Stand” because you will never have to buy another one. They give you the stability and durability that you need, especially for those larger trees.

Stands are available in five sizes  – 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” and 16”.

In addition, we also offer plain or pre-decorated fresh Fraser Fir Wreaths ranging from 12” to 36”

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for wonderful Christmas Celebrations wherever you are.

May peace, contentment, love, and prosperity follow you always.

Enjoy this slideshow of a few of our Christmas Memories

Festive Holiday Frolics

A unique, magnificently crafted and beautifully decorated antique sleigh loaded with precious gifts parked outside the TBN sales office.

What on earth could this mean – could it possibly be…?

Scenes of unbridled excitement swept through the Greenhouses this morning when unexpected visitors made a surprise visit to TBN.

After resting and feeding his bevy of deer and loading up his sleigh with a plethora of nursery gift delights to deliver across the world Santa and the Mrs. prepared to take to the skies again.

For the record:

Mrs. Clause utterly despondent with the relentless snow in the North Pole, had had her fill with baking cookies and wrangling elves, was done with cleaning Santa’s Suit, polishing his boots and shining his jingle b*lls, but above all she was increasingly frustrated with her husband getting to do all the travelling  – thus emphatically put her foot down this year and insisted on coming along for the ride.

Led by Rudolph – the herd of Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen got off to an enthusiastic start and it all looked promising for the long and busy journey ahead when:


To recap – all was looking most promising for an uneventful but busy journey ahead for Santa and his entourage when suddenly from out NOWHERE..

DASHER the fastest reindeer of the pack, and the ex-lead reindeer before Rudolph, experienced the most monumental and, yet also quite frankly, the most pitiful of MELTDOWNS – you know that dramatic ‘Look At Me, All Four Hooves In The Air’ variety!

With Rudolph’s nonchalant shrug; the herds uncaring, insensitive and indifferent exuberance; Mrs. Clause’s wry amusement, Santa’s focused, intimidating stare down and with pressure to deliver on a tight schedule requiring fastidious timing…

… it was difficult to foresee just exactly what this extraordinary fiasco would mean for Christmas…!!!



Relieved to share that Dasher’s recovered,

All just a childish ploy as we discovered,

Prancer, the sweet and sensitive soul,

Insisted forgiveness was the goal

Thus Rudolph in red nosed fashion,

Looked on him with stern compassion,

So, with a grunt, a snort and a bleat,

Dasher got back on his feet,

And with the world’s clocks frantically ticking,

the team was finally off – joints all a clicking,

Lively with song, banter and mirth,

At last on route to travel the earth…!


Flying through the night sky at pace,

Santa’s just traversed US air space,

Don’t forget the milk and eats,

They’ve come so far and deserve the treats,

Then off to bed you go and don’t delay,

Santa’s sleigh is on its way.

Down the chimney and across the floor,

He’ll be carrying gifts galore,

Hoping they’ll be things you’ll treasure,

Bringing you hours of pleasure,

But in the event, some gifts evoke a fright,

Try your best to feign delight,

But don’t despair all is never lost

You can sell them later at cost!!!

THE END…finally

Happy Christmas Eve!