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Hosta’s (Plantation Lily’s) are exceedingly popular perennials for shady areas in today’s gardens due to their versatility in the landscape. Their subtle colors, tall flower scapes, and broad, coarse leaves fill a niche in garden designs that few other plants can achieve.

Plants form a sturdy mound of foliage, topped with lily-like blooms. Hosta go completely dormant in the fall, and the dying foliage can be removed any time before mid-spring. Easily divided in either spring or fall, but plants may also be left alone for years.

A Wrinkle In time

With a mature height of 9″ and a width of 29″ this Hosta produces showy, wavy, dark green variegated leaves. Creamy yellow margins mature to creamy white. Lavender flowers are produced in mid-summer. It’s a vigorous grower with contrasting colors and attractive leaf characteristics. Height category – Short. Light requirements Part Shade to Shade.

Abiqua Drinking Gourd

Heavily textured, dark blue-green, seer suckered leaves with heavy substance display a unique cupped form up to 3″ deep. White flowers appear just above the foliage on 22″ scapes in early summer. A summer bonus to the Abiqua Drinking Gourd Hosta is the brilliant display of white to green, trumpet-shaped flowers. This beautiful Hosta stands at a height of 18 to 22 inches and has a wide spread of 40 to 45 inches. After a rain, Drinking Gourd absolutely sparkles with small pools of water collected in the deeply cupped foliage. White flowers in early summer.

Age of Gold

A large gold Hosta with golden yellow leaves, this is the perfect specimen for making a statement in the shade with its upright spreading habit and large smooth leaves. In midsummer, near white, tubular flowers appear with a very faint pale lavender central pattern on the interior petals. Plant in morning sun or filtered shade for best yellow color they grow to a height of 20” and a spread of 58”.


One of the first hostas to come up in the spring it’s a medium to large, clump-forming Hosta that prefers full shade and typically grows in a foliage mound to 22″ tall spreading to 50″ wide. Medium green leaves with wavy, white margins and gray-green streaks at the junction of the margin and center; may lose its variegation temporarily in containers during the hottest part of the season.  Narrow funnel-shaped lilac/pale lavender flowers bloom mid to late summer on leafy upright scapes rising above the foliage mound.


Medium-large sized mounding Hosta with leaves of creamy white with dark green margins. Pale lavender-colored flowers on long spikes bloom in early summer. Uses: Borders, Woodland, Specimen, Mass Planting.

Angel falls

This large, rippled Hosta forms an attractively rounded mound of cascading green leaves with beautiful white centers. The green margins measure up to 2” wide, with a lighter green area appearing where the margins and centers overlap. The mature leaves arch downward with a rippled margin.  Light lavender flowers appear in midsummer. A slow grower but has proven to be larger than documented with a height and width of approximately 24 by 48”


Hosta Atlantis is a sport of ‘Abba Dabba Do’ and has a significantly wider edge than its parent, making it a showier specimen in the landscape. The slightly rippled leaves are dark green with golden-yellow margins. The color of the margins are typically brighter with more sunlight. Pale lavender flowers appear above the foliage in midsummer. Grows to approximately 24 inches tall by 48 inches wide.

August Moon

Large, corrugated, wavy heart-shaped leaves are bright gold to chartreuse depending on the amount of sun exposure Pale lavender, open bell-shaped flowers are prolifically produced on 24″ scapes in mid to late summer. Quickly forms medium to large foliage clump 20 in. tall, 36 to 42 in. wide.


Gorgeous spinach broadly ovate green leaves with a hint of blue and deep golden-yellow margins measuring ⅛” to ½” wide that are offset by elegant, pale lavender blooms in mid to late summer. Margins hold their color all season long.  Very showy, this 18-24” tall by 40” wide Hosta is perfect for any shady or partially shady spot in the garden.

Autumn Frost

This striking Hosta forms a medium sized mound of showy, frosty blue leaves with extra wide, bright yellow margins. The margins lighten to creamy white and light lavender flowers are produced in summer. This 12” tall by 24” wide Easy maintenance plant requires  Part Shade to Shade

Banana Kid

The lovely chartreuse hue of this bright shade-loving perennial will brighten any dark corner. Grows quickly with little care or maintenance, to a height of 16 to 18” with a spread of 24″ wide. Midsummer brings arching sprays of pale lavender, bell-shaped blooms that butterflies and beneficial pollinators just adore.  

Blueberry Muffin

This excellent blue Hosta is a strong grower and reliable performer in a partly shaded landscape. With a height of 14” and spread of some 36” it forms a medium sized mound of large, blue, rounded leaves that are rugose and puckered in unusual patterns. Late in the season, the foliage transitions to green. Attractive light mauve speckles appear on the petioles. Lavender flowers emerge just above the foliage in early summer.

Cherry Berry

Lance-shaped leaves have white centers and dark green margins, accented by cherry red flower stems that support showy purple flowers in the summer. Develops cherry red seed pods in the fall. Fabulous variegation with a smaller form than other selections make it perfect for edging the shade garden. Light preferences are partial Shade to full shade and the plant quickly reaches 12 to 18” tall, spreading to 12” wide.

Christmas Tree

This large Hosta forms an attractive mound of rounded dark green leaves with thin yellow margins that are cupped and heavily corrugated. The margin fades to creamy white in the summer, and occasionally streaks to the center of the leaf. Growing 23” tall by 56” wide lavender flowers in midsummer are followed by stunning reddish purple seed pods.

Coast to Coast

This striking easy maintenance mounded Hosta in the tall height category forms a giant clump of thick, puckered, gold leaves with wavy edges. Gold coloring becomes brighter in morning sun in summer. Growing 30” tall by 36” wide it requires Part Shade to Shade conditions and produces pale violet flowers.

Dancing Queen

A must have Hosta which unlike other yellow hostas that emerge or turn chartreuse, ‘Dancing Queen’ emerges bright yellow and remains yellow all season long.  The large leaves have a prominent pie crust edge, adding even more pizzazz to this colorful Hosta. In mid to late summer, the foliage lightens to soft yellow, and the clump is topped with pale lavender flowers.  Growing 18” tall by 30” wide it  requires light conditions of Part to Full Shade.  

Earth Angel

A classic giant perennial ‘Earth Angel’ is an exceptional and highly versatile selection that is massive and elegant with its low-growing form. The broad, beautifully variegated rounded leaves have a blue-green center and transition to creamy white margins that turn yellow in the spring adding a classic look to any landscape. When mid-summer rolls around, tall spikes shoot from the center of each plant and adorns the stems with pale lavender-colored bell-shaped flowers. Growing to a mature height of 1 to 2 feet  and width of 4 to 5 feet this award-winning variety loves shade.

Empress Wu

A seedling of ‘Big John’ and the largest known Hosta available growing to a mature size of 48″ tall and 70″Wide and even as big as 50″T x 100″W) this massive plant forms a gigantic upright mound of huge, thick, dark green corrugated wavy leaves that have a glaucous coating in spring giving a blue-green appearance. Very pale reddish violet flowers appear in mid-summer. It will make a fantastic statement in your shade garden – but Be patient with this hosta. It gets big but not overnight. Will take 5 to 8 years to reach a mature size. Light Requirement:  Part Shade to Shade


A Hosta that will grab your attention in the garden ‘Fantabulous’ features wide bright white margins that surround the dark green center. A Medium-large 17″ by 40″ wide mound of pointed, deeply veined, dark green foliage is surrounded by a dramatic, wide, creamy white border. The long, heart-shaped shiny leaves have a slight twist at the end, are moderately corrugated, and sparkle in the shade garden. The foliage is topped with lavender flowers in mid-summer that are 2′ scapes.

Height 1 to 2 feet – Spread 2 to 3 feet –  Bloom Color Pink, Bright Pink  – Bloom Form Single – Bloom Span 2 to 3″ across

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice is a sport of ‘Patriot’ with reverse coloration. This variegated Hosta has twisted leaves that feature pure white centers and dark green margins. Its dense mound of thick foliage creates a wonderful edging in shaded gardens and borders. Lovely lavender flower stalks with white scapes rise above the foliage clumps throughout summer. An herbaceous perennial. Light requirements – Full Shade, Partial Shade and quickly reaches 14 to 16 in. tall, spreading 12 to 24 in. wide under the best of conditions.

First Frost

A sport of ‘Halcyon’  with the same intense blue-green leaf centers this plant is a wonderful example of  the well-deserved reputation Hosta’s have for being a reliable source of hardy greenery. Broad, heart-shaped foliage grows in a rosette formation, giving this plant a very full and lush appearance. The leaves are blueish-green with a gold margin  that gradually fade to pure white throughout the growing season. Tall flower scapes displaying lavender blooms appear during the summer. With a mature height and spread of 12 – 16 Inches First Frost  plant thrives in the shade, making it an excellent addition to a low-light area.

Fragrant Blue

Dating back to 1988 this lovely Small to medium, (12″ X 25″) variety was the very first Hosta exhibiting true blue foliage and fragrant blooms. Its chalky blue, heart-shaped leaves are thick and sturdy and thanks to its tendency to produce new foliage, it holds its attractive coloration throughout the long growing season. Mid to late summer brings arching sprays of soft purple blooms in mid to late summer. Ideal for brightening shady borders or walkways, as a ground cover between trees, or in a mixed shade garden. Perennializes well. Light requirements  Partial Shade, Full Shade


Lush foliage clumps with dramatic, heart-shaped, dark green arching broad leaves edged in white – truly a standout in the landscape. The leaves stretch around 6 to 8 inches long on average, and their color generally doesn’t degrade throughout the growing season (spring to fall). The mounding foliage with beautiful variegation is ideal for those sometimes difficult to fill shady woodland areas and borders. A wonderful Hosta for containers. Light requirements Full Shade, Partial Shade , and its moderate growing; forming a dense clump 1-2 ft. tall and around 1-3 ft. wide.

Frances William

With a matures size of 26 inches tall and 63 inches wide Hosta ‘Frances Williams’ is a sport of H. ‘Elegans’. Frances Williams has giant, blue-green leaves with yellow margins forming a large mound of thick corrugated leaves that really stand out in the shade garden. Preferring a shaded location in the landscape it  has beautiful tiny funnel-shaped pale lilac/lavender flowers mid- to late summer.


A sport of ‘Fragrant Bouquet’ huge, glossy, soft apple green leaves are surrounded by streaked, dark blue-green leaf margins just like an avocado. Leaf centers become brighter gold in summer when exposed to more sunlight while the margins remain dark green.  Large flower stalks with pale white lavender flared blooms release a soft, sweet fragrance. Requires full shade in hot summer areas. Provides a great contrast in both color and texture in the shade garden. Full shade, Partial shade. Fast growing; forms foliage clump 18 in. tall, 24 in. wide.


A sturdy and compact Hosta, ‘Halcyon’ has glaucous blue-green, flattened  heart-shaped leaves with heavy ribbing and towers of lavender flowers that emerge in mid to late Summer. A handsome choice for the shade garden, Easy To Grow, Low Maintenance ‘Halcyon’ is an exceptional way to add texture and dimension to plant groupings. A first-rate performer in containers. Light Requirements – Half Filtered Sun, Half Shade, Full Shade with a mature height of 16-18 inches tall and 36 to 42 in. wide.

Island Breeze

A sport of ‘Paradise Island’ the improvements in this cultivar include more impressive variegation due to its wider margins, thicker leaf substance, and a strong growth rate.

Wide, dark green margins stand in sharp contrast to the bright yellow centers in early spring.  As summer approaches, the centers become more chartreuse when plants are grown in heavier shade or lighter yellow if they are grown in more sun. ‘Island Breeze’ has dark lavender blooms on red petioles that stand tall in mid-summer. With a height of 12 inches tall by 12 inches wide it prefers partial to full shade and moist, well-drained soil, but is drought tolerant once established


Distinctive soft gold leaves with striking blue-green margins stand out in lightly shaded beds and woodland gardens. Pale lavender flowers appear on showy scapes above the foliage in summer. Heavy, substantial foliage resists slug damage. Forms a low mounding foliage clump of some 12 in. tall, 30 in. wide; blooms reach 20 in. tall. Filtered sun, Partial shade, Partial sun

June Spirit

With a Mature Size of 14 inches tall and 26 inches wide this Sport of Hosta ‘June Fever’ has wider margins. It forms a distinctive mound of shiny chartreuse leaves with wide, deep blue-green margins and chartreuse centers that turn yellow in summer if planted in part sun. Lovely lavender flowers bloom in summer. Nice thick shiny leaves giving good contrast and sun tolerance makes this medium sized Hosta a useful option for patio containers or near the front of the border.

Krossa regal

Shimmering, frosty-blue, thick, and graceful vase-like thick upright foliage makes this huge Hosta a real standout in the shade garden. Pale lavender flowers are displayed on 5-foot-tall stalks above the foliage. The thick leaves resist slug damage. Makes a dramatic statement when paired with creamy variegated hostas. Giant – 40″ tall, with a 3-6′ spread it prefers a part to full shade environment.  Occasionally develops an orange-yellow fall color.


Growing 28 inches tall by 60 inches wide at maturity and in prime conditions Liberty is a sport of H. ‘Sagae’ that features thicker leaves and a much wider yellow margin. Leaves with blue-green centers and a neon yellow margin emerge in spring changing to  green with a creamy white margin and Lavender flowers in Summer. Slow growing is fairly insignificant when young but magical once mature. A lovely specimen that  Illuminates the shade garden in spring when the margins are bright yellow. Partial sun, filtered shade, morning sun. Morning sun or filtered sun is the best for these Hosta’s but avoid mid-day sun as it will burn the leaves.


This stunning variety is sure to brighten your shade gardens and container plantings. Growing 18-24″ tall, Hosta Mediovariegata features wavy, green leaves with white centers. Fragrant, lavender flowers bloom above the foliage in the summer. This dramatic, popular variety gives landscapes and gardens a professional look

Mini Skirt

Miniature mound of thick, wavy leaves. Blue-green variegated leaves have creamy yellow margins. Pale lavender flowers. Mature height 5 inches by 13 inches wide. Light Requirement:  Part Shade to Shade, producing pale lavender flowers with deeper purple stripes that appear closely packed together on short, very proportionately sized scapes in early to midsummer. Show this petite mini-Hosta off in troughs and other patio containers with good drainage, or plant it right near the edge of the border where it’s sure to be seen.


One of the most popular, white-margined Hosta’s and a sport of ‘Francee’ this variety produces stunning, very dark green leaves that are surrounded by a wide, pure white margin. Leaves have good substance and are sometimes cupped and slightly wavy. Pale lavender striped flowers appear on 24″ scapes in early to midsummer. With a height of 18.0 Inches by 30.0 Inches wide they are well suited for Patio Containers, woodland shade, border, mass plantings or as a specimen plant.

Night before Christmas

The award-winning Hosta ‘Night before Christmas’ must have for anyone who loves Hosta’s. It’s a clump-forming variety presenting a  moderately dense, semi-upright mound of huge heart-shaped, dark green irregularly margined leaves that have striking creamy-white centers that change to pure white by midsummer. Satiny above and shiny underneath, the leaves are held on ivory-streaked stems. The plant reaches a height of 18 Inches and width of 36 Inches and  pale lavender, tubular flowers are produced on 34″ scapes in mid to late summer. Attracts both hummingbirds and songbirds


This lovely large variety has beautiful bright gold leaves with streaked, wide blue-green margins that streak into the center. The variegation pattern intensifies later in the spring. Reaching a height of 22 Inches and a  width of some 48 Inches it forms a large mound of bright contrasting foliage and produces clusters of very pale lavender flowers on 24″ scapes in midsummer. Enjoys a little bright sun that brightens up the gold center.

Party Streamers

This is a very well-named compact medium sized Hosta and one to celebrate. It sports long slender wiggly foliage in a bright shade of chartreuse that form a mounding habit.  A rapid growth rate to maturity makes it a bold and distinctive accent to shade gardens and containers. Growing to around 12 inches in height with a spread of about 31 inches, in summer, the narrow, undulating leaves are capped by deep purple flowers with dark purple stripes that contrast beautifully with the foliage.


Growing at a moderate pace ‘Patriot’ is a Hosta cultivar that features a 12-20″ tall to 24-30″ wide mound of large, variegated, oval, basal leaves which have deep green centers and wide irregular ‘painted’ white margins. The leaves themselves are large and round, coming to a soft point and featuring corrugated texture. In late spring or early summer long stalks extend beyond the foliage and eventually erupt in light purple flowers. Sun exposure – Partial Shade, full shade.

Praying Hands

Praying hands is unlike any other Hosta. Each small, 2′ wide clump is composed of tightly and strangely folded, dark green heavily crinkled or rippled  leaves, each with a narrow, creamy yellow/gold border resembling a multitude of hands folded in prayer. Leaves have a matte finish above but are folded, revealing their shiny undersides. With a height of 14 to 18 inches and a spread of 12 to 16 inches the upright clumps are topped with and abundance of 18″ spikes of light lavender flowers. Slow to establish due to the smaller leaf area, but needing little in the way of maintenance, they do however require a bit more sun than many Hosta to perform their best.

Rainbow’s End

Very showy and unique 10″ tall X 21″ Wide Hosta with extreme variegation and shiny leaves with a bright yellow center and dark green margins. The leaf variegation is so irregular that no two leaves look the same. The center of the leaf brightens to white during the summer and in late summer, showy red scapes carry dark lavender, tubular flowers. A most magical Hosta, that with  good fertile soil and some bright morning sun, can be a focal point in the garden.

Rainforest Sunrise

Fast growing,  Small 10″ x 25″ mound Hosta whose thick and glossy leaves are solid light green when they emerge, then quickly develop dramatic dark green borders and almost fluorescent radiant gold centers.  The leaves are rounded, cupped, and heavily puckered. Prefers partial to full shade but is reputed to take some sun and moist, humus-rich, well-drained soil. Light lavender flowers are produced on 24″ scapes in midsummer.

Regal Splendor

A fabulous creamy gold-edged version of ‘Krossa Regal’, with blue-green foliage surrounded by gold margins. This stunning, upright, vase-shaped variety supports tall, slender stalks of soft lavender, trumpet-shaped blooms adding summer interest. Fast growing and forming foliage clumps of  3 ft. tall and wide it makes a wonderful addition to shaded woodland areas and borders.

Tears in Heaven

A beautiful medium cultivar blue-foliaged Hosta that forms a 15″ tall x 28″ wide clump of cascading, intensely powder blue, heavily-ruffled leaves, the color of which holds late into the season. The movement of this upright variety is reminiscent of waterfall. The 2′ tall stalks of pale lavender flower top the clump in summer.

Time in a bottle

Hosta ‘Time in a Bottle’ is semi-compact standing 12 inches tall and spreading up to 36 inches wide. This Hosta boasts narrow yellow leaves that have a moderately wavy texture ; a great choice for providing texture contrast in a shade garden. Throughout the summer, the yellow leaves become more chartreuse. Deep purple flowers contrast with its foliage when they bloom in late summer. Light Requirements:  Part Shade to Shade.

Voices in the Wind

A beautifully variegated ruffled Hosta with wedge-shaped leaves that is sure to catch your eye. Blue-green wedge-shaped leaves have ruffled creamy yellow margins. With a height of 17 inches and a spread of some 46 inches it produces pale lavender flowers in mid to late summer. Light Requirements:  Part Shade to Shade.


A medium-sized, moderate growing Hosta that forms a foliage clump 18 in. tall, 24 in. wide with flashy foliage that has bright pure white-centered leaves, dark green borders, and golden-yellow streaks that light up the interior margins where the green and white overlap. Ideal and attractive option for a dappled shade border. Tall stems of showy, pale-lavender flowers rise above the foliage in mid-summer.


This beautifully glaucous blue ruffled Shadowland Hosta with rippled leaves looks like water splashing in the shade garden and holds its color all season long. Lavender flowers appear on proportionate flower scape. With a height of 14 inches and spread of approximately 32 inches it makes a great border or landscape plant in a  Part Shade to Shade environment.


This delightfully fun, extremely ruffled variegated Hosta has green leaves with cream margins which widen as the plant matures. With a height of 12 – 18 inches and spread of approximately 28 – 30 inches it makes for a distinctive specimen in shade gardens and containers. Light lavender flowers appear midseason.

White Feather

A unique and magical variety that accents any planting with its distinctive colorless leaves. Slow growing ‘White Feather’ Hosta  takes light-colored leaves to a whole new level. It doesn’t have any chlorophyll hence the white colored foliage. As it matures, the leaves transform into a blend of green and cream. With a height of 18- 36 inches and spread of approximately 24 inches it’s an excellent option for providing color and contrast to a shady area Lavender flowers. The plant also produces 20-inch-high lavender flowers in the summer.

Wide Brim

Moderate growing and forming an attractive large foliage clump 18 to 24 in. tall, 24 to 36 wide of  wide, broad blue-green leaves with creamy yellow margins.  Slender spikes of pale lavender flowers on 24″ scapes appear in summer. Adds a colorful accent to shady mixed borders and woodland gardens.