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Garden Accents & Metal Ware

Fire Pits and Trellis

Dave (Crazy Dave to us and his many admirer’s)  is a creative genius in the world of metal and iron fabrication. From Fire Pits, to Smokers, to Trellises – if he can’t do it, it can’t be done! You’ll find examples of Dave’s extraordinary talent, artistry and creativity scattered around the nursery!


Container Products by Atelier Guatitas proudly handmade in Woodstock, GA.  

 Proudly handmade in Woodstock, GA, the brainchild of Brazilian born Valtair Maltos, Atelier Gaurita’s is named after, and draws its inspiration from the majestic beauty and grandeur of Guaritas State Park. With the beauty of the region in mind Atelier Gauritas was born with the idea to create a product that was not just a plant container, but instead an organic, rustic, modern, visual and distinguished architectural piece of art that stands out as a unique focal point to be admired in a range of environments.

Their focus and mission are to deliver a product that sets them apart in design, durability and quality from other mass-produced products. With different shapes, textures and colors that will last a lifetime, each planter is made carefully by hand using glass fiber reinforcement concrete plus galvanized wire in layer after layer – a process that takes several weeks to complete. Freeze and frost proof the planters are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and to add to their uniqueness no two pieces look the same.