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All hardscapes are inanimate objects in your landscape design – in other words all those non-living harder elements that can be made of stone, bricks, and concrete. Some of the most common hardscape features include patios, walkways, retaining walls, fire pits, fountains, decks, pergolas, stone benches, landscape lighting among others.  

Softscapes on the other hand refers to all the soft living items in your garden or landscape including grass, annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees etc. Mulch and various soils are also considered by some to be softscape elements but for practical purposes we feature them here as hardscapes.

Bagged Soil, Sand, Mulch  and Mixes

Bagged Soil Conditioner

Bagged River Pebbles

Bagged Potting Mix

Bagged Play Sand

Bagged Planting Mix

Bagged Pea Pebbles

Bagged Pea Pebbles Decorative

Bagged Nuggets Pine Bark

Bagged Nuggets Mini

Bagged Mushroom Compost

Bagged Mulch Red

Bagged Mulch Pine Bark

Bagged Mulch Hardwood

Bagged Mulch Cypress

Bagged Mulch Brown

Bagged Mulch Black

Bagged Top Soil

Bulk Goods

Bulk Stone 57

Bulk Paver

Bulk Slate Large

Bulk Slate Small

Bulk Fill Dirt

Bulk Sand

Bulk Landscape Soil

Bulk Mulch Black

Bulk Mulch Brown


Cobble Tumbled

Crab Orchard Brown 4 foot

Crab Orchard Grey 4 foot

Crab Orchard Slabs Brown 2 to 3 inch

Fieldstone Stack Veneer Thin

Fieldstone Stack Thin

Fieldstone Stack Medium

Fieldstone Stack Thick

Fieldstone Stack Veneer Thin

Fieldstone Natural Steppers

Flagstone 2 to 2.5 inch

Garden Boulders

Pebble Pea Indian Creek

River Rock Mountain Jack

River Rock Medium Mix

River Rock Indian Creek

River Rock Flats Small

River Rock Flats Medium

River Rounds Small

River Rounds Medium

River Rounds Large

River Rounds X Large

River Rock Pond Mix

Rubble Tumbled Grey

Rubble Tumbled Tan

Rubble Strips Grey

Rubble Strips Brown

Specimen Boulders 1

Specimen Boulders 2

Specimen Boulders 3

Stepping Stones Grey 18 by 18

Stepping Stones Brown 18 by 18

Stepping Stones Grey 24 by 24

Steptreads 36 inch